Natural ways of regulating your bowel and keeping it healthy

While it can be extremely uncomfortable, changes in our bowel movement are not uncommon and can happen at any time of our lives for any reason.

Simple tips for great sleep

Sleep (and by that, we mean good quality, deep sleep) is an important and incredibly essential function and basic need for every single person.

What are natural adaptogens and how can they help you?

Adaptogens help your body adapt to stressors, environmental influences, emotional difficulties and even mental pressures.

Finding homeostasis within your body

Defined as the body’s need to be in equilibrium, homeostasis is the body’s ability to monitor various things such as temperature and blood sugar, to name a few.

A deeper look at natural healing with plant medicine

One of the main lessons of the Ayurvedic teachings is to surround ourselves with all that nature has to offer through the healing powers of the herbs and plants.

The benefits of combination therapy

Generally understood as using more than one kind of medication to treat a sickness or disease, combination therapy has fast become the chosen therapy type for people with both mild and moderately intensive diseases and health issues.

The easiest and most natural ways to boost your energy

While many of us had the opportunity to work from home, people all over the world were beginning to discover that working from home caused a lot more stress, leaving many pulling longer hours, skipping lunch and finding themselves staying online and connected to a screen a lot longer than usual.

What is Ayurveda?

Originating in India more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda, or “The Science of Life” is known as one of the oldest healing sciences in the world. Often called “The Mother of all Healing”, Ayurveda has fast become one of the most popular natural healing modalities in the modern world.

How to live stress free

At times it is imperative that we take extra care of ourselves as stress has been shown to play havoc on one’s system.

5 Easy ways to boost your immune system

Vitality and good immunity is the natural result of living a well-balanced life; mind, body and soul.

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