Easy ways to nourish yourself this summer

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Summer is the season of self-love and nourishment. In a world that is super fast paced and demanding, it is more important than ever before to take dedicated time to yourself to refill your cup and nourish yourself so that you can continue to show up in the world as the best version of yourself.

The practice of self-love and nourishment does not simply happen, it is something that you need to commit to and consciously implement into your daily or weekly routine. For many people, especially parents, this concept may seem totally unrealistic but that is when you know that you absolutely need this time to yourself the most. So let’s kick start this summer by prioritising yourself. Here are a few easy steps to get you started on your journey of self-love and nourishment.

Take dedicated time just for yourself

Start by taking a look at your average day and week to see where you may have extra time available that you can dedicate to yourself. This may mean waking up earlier before the kids wake up, staying up slightly later or perhaps dropping a commitment that is not as important as you are. Start by creating one 30 – 60 minute slot within your week and dedicate this time to YOU! This is your self-love time to do whatever it may be that nourishes and refuels you. Perhaps it is going to the gym, reading a book, having a nap, drawing, taking a long bath, going for a massage or getting your nails done. Have this set time every single week, make it an absolute priority and commit to it.


A fabulous and super easy way to treat your body with extra nourishment is to introduce a smoothie into your morning routine. Many people tend to skip breakfast or have something on the go such as a coffee and muffin, but this really is not giving your body the nutrients it needs to effectively start the day. Simply choose your 3 favorite fruits such as banana, apple and papaya for example, add in some pain greek yogurt to gain those extra natural probiotics, throw it all into a blender and there you go! A whole lot of extra nourishment in just 5 minutes.

Water Therapy

Water is a powerful natural healer of the body and mind. If you have a bath in your home, try to take one or two baths a week. Buy yourself some essential oils such as chamomile or lavender and place a few drops into the water. Taking a warm bath brings your body and mind into a state of relaxation, it helps to release tension in your muscles and slows down your nervous system so that natural healing can take place. This is why you always feel so relaxed after a warm bath. If you have access to a swimming pool, swim as often as you can, even if it is just for a few minutes. Get your body moving by swimming a few lengths, jump up and down and have some fun. There is something about water, especially when swimming, that just brings out a child-like playful energy which is so nourishing for our spirits. Swimming is also one of the most healing forms of exercise as it moves the entire body and lymphatic system. Drink more water! Water is literally life. The human body is 60% water and an essential element in efficient bodily functions. Buy yourself a nice water bottle that you can carry with you wherever you go and constantly drink water throughout your day. This helps to flush out and detox the kidneys, aids digestion and supports literally every single bodily function.

Skin Care

Take some time to heal and nourish your skin. In summer we naturally tend to spend more time in the sun which can have long term negative effects on your skin. There are so many great natural foods and remedies that you can use to deeply nourish and protect your skin. When taking a bath, add a bit of organic coconut oil to your bath or place some directly onto your body after you shower. This will help to nourish and protect your skin naturally on a deep level. Treat yourself to an avocado face mask by simply mushing up a ripe avo and placing a thin layer on your face, neck and chest. Aloe Vera is also another phenomenal natural healer for your skin that can also be used for mosquito bites, rashes, eczema and aftersun healing.

Remember to always put on a bit of sunblock when going outdoors.

Get that extra support!

Self-love is knowing when to get external support when you need it. Feel more relaxed and at ease this summer with our Avalife CALM supplement. CALM is rich with natural herbs such as Chamomile and Holy Basil that help you maintain a state of calmness more easily. Nourish your gut with probiotics such as DAILY FLORA BALANCE and FLORA RESTORE to aid in digestive health which in turn can aid your emotional wellbeing..

Perhaps better sleep is what you need in order to deeply nourish yourself this summer. If you are not getting sufficient deep sleep at night this greatly impacts your mental, emotional and physical wellness. Treat yourself to consistent soundful sleep with our AVALIFE SLEEP supplement.

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