Gut & immune health – Natural methods for colon care and immune health

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Did you know that near­ly 70 per­cent of your immune sys­tem is housed in your gut?

While fre­quent hand wash­ing and social dis­tanc­ing are effective in pre­vent­ing the spread of ill­ness­es, being mind­ful of the food and bev­er­ages you con­sume significantly helps sup­port your immune sys­tem and keep you healthy.

Tak­ing steps to ensure your diges­tive sys­tem is func­tion­ing prop­er­ly is an essen­tial part of main­tain­ing your over­all health.

Here are 3 ways to support and boost your immune and gut health:

Eating high fiber foods

With fast foods around every corner and retail shelves filled with unhealthy options that can contribute to digestive disorders, it has become a daily practice to choose and eat the right foods. Fiber is one of the main players that contribute to good gut health. Think of fiber as nature’s broom that sweeps through your colon to help keep everything moving swiftly along. Eating food that is high in fiber is the best way to keep constipation and other gut health issues at bay. The human digestive system is made up of millions of good bacteria known as flora which help digest our food. However, these little guys also need to eat. Our bodies do not have the enzymes necessary to break down certain fibers but the flora in the gut can, and this is one of their favourite foods! When our intestinal bacteria is happy, our gut is well fed, our immunity is strengthened, our overall health is good and we are happy. It is said that most individuals do not meet their daily recommended fiber intake. It is recommended to eat an average of 25 – 30 grams of fiber a day. You can find health fibers is food such as:
  • Lentils
  • Broccoli
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Chia seeds
  • Popcorn
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Green peas
  • Chickpea
  • Banana
  • Carrots
  • Oats

Just to name a few.

Fostering good eating habits with a particular focus on your fiber consumption will help you to take care of your gut health and overall immune response.

Adding natural supplements such as GOOD GUT to your health regime will also be of great benefit to your Gut and overall Immune health.

AVALIFE™ GOOD GUT is a combination of Gutgard®, an innovative Liquorice root extract, and other Ayurvedic herbs to help maintain a perfect balance of your gut. It promotes natural wellness within your body by bringing you consistent stomach health.

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Manage your stress

Whilst the brain-gut connection is relatively new, it is now well accepted that we all have a “second brain”.

Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, the “brain in your gut” is revolutionising medicine’s understanding of the link between digestion, mood, immunity and overall well being.

This second brain is known as the enteric nervous system (ENS). The ENS is made up of over 100 million nerve cells that line the entire digestive tract. The ENS works in a very similar way to the central nervous system. Once food enters the gut, the neurons lining the colon signal to the digestive muscles and the gut flora to get working.

However, when someone is in a state of stress, their sympathetic nervous system is activated causing the body to enter a state of fight or flight. In this state, digestion slows down or even stops so that all energy can be directed towards ‘survival’. This can result in various digestive issues that can become quite serious when the body is under constant stress.

A few simple ways that you can help combat this is to not eat on the go when you are rushing around. If you know you are stressed, try to calm yourself down through breathing exercises or going for a walk first. Your body will thank you greatly for this.

The key here is to understand that managing your daily stress levels and anxiety can be of great benefit to fostering a healthy gut system and ultimately strengthening your immune health.

Practicing mindfulness meditations or yoga on a weekly basis will also help lower your daily stress levels.

If your stress levels are high, it plays a significant role in undermining your overall health and wellbeing. In AVALIFE STRESS FREE, powerful herbs have been combined to help manage stress and promote mental alertness, which is key to negotiating modern-day life.

Sleep More

Sleep is an essential component of our wellbeing. During sleep the body is able to go into a state of rest and lend all its energy towards healing, producing new cells and digestion. During sleep the body produces melatonin and prolactin, both of which have been found to greatly support intestinal flora and digestive system.

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to a higher prevalence of obesity, which sets you up for various digestive system disorders.

Studies have found a clear link between sleep disorders and gastrointestinal disorders. To put it simply, the body is just not getting the rest time it needs to effectively support bodily functions such as digestion, which we now know affects overall health and immunity.

An average adult needs 6 – 8 hours of sleep for the body to function at its optimum. If you are not quite getting this amount of sleep try winding down earlier in your day, stay off of your laptop and phone from 6 pm onwards. You can also find great sleeping meditations on YouTube that use specific sound frequencies that help you fall asleep.

You could also add our AVALIFE™ SLEEP supplement to your evening routine as a natural way to help induce good sleep.

AVALIFE™ SLEEP is a natural alternative to help you sleep peacefully and undisturbed. AVALIFE™ Sleep is a rich blend of Ocibest®, a specially formulated Holy Basil, and other sedating and soothing herbs to help your mind and body feel calm and ready for rest. AVALIFE™ SLEEP is all natural and non-habit forming.

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