How to naturally enhance mental stamina and endurance

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Mental toughness is an increasingly common term used in psychology that refers to a person’s mental ability to transcend limitations.

It is this exact mindset that enables athletes to break records and push the boundaries of what was previously thought humanly possible. Now, not everyone is seeking to be a world class athlete or high performance individual but enhancing your mental toughness can have significant benefits such as increased concentration, memory, clarity and focus in everyday life.

In this blog we are going to explore various natural and practical ways that absolutely anyone can use in their everyday life to enhance their mental stamina and endurance as a way to help face and overcome daily stressors and demands.


Meditation is by far one of the most powerful ways to develop mental toughness. Meditation is quite literally the practice of focused attention, whether that be focusing on your breath, your thoughts, the sounds around you or the task at hand.

The practice of meditation naturally helps to calm the mind so that you can find clarity and focus.

It is recommended to practice at least 10 – 20 minutes of meditation per day.

Child’s Play

There are a plethora of incredible mental development games that one can play to actively develop their mental stamina. Games such as chess, puzzle building, problem solving and sudoku are great games to start with as they require concentration, dedication and patience, plus they are also fun.

Why not choose one mental game to integrate into your life that you can play on a regular basis to help keep those neurons firing?

Deep Breathing

Breathing is the key to life, yet we hardly give it a second thought. Incorrect and shallow breathing deprives the body and mind of fresh oxygen. Oxygen is the energy that fuels and sustains the cells of the body. By consciously taking deep breaths you are filling your body and mind with more oxygen which results in more energy, mental clarity and alertness.

You can do this right now by simply taking 5 slow deep and steady breaths.


Music has always played a significant role in human culture. I am sure you have experienced first hand the impact that music can have on you – where you hear a song and it immediately elevates your mood. Living in a world where everything is ultimately energy and vibration, music is a powerful tool that we can use to align ourselves to curtain frequencies that enhance concentration, memory and overall cognition.

Try listening to music such as Mozart, classical music or binaural music that is specifically composed to activate certain parts of the brain.

Here is a link to a great soundtrack you can listen to:


It is no secret that engaging in exercise and physical activity has an incredible positive impact on one’s mental state. When we exercise and move our bodies, excess and blocked energy is released from the body; which naturally makes us feel better. Exercise encourages deep breathing which enhances both our physical and mental capacity. Exercise and movement also require focus and help develop one’s ability to transcend mental and physical boundaries.

It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of exercise or movement per day. If exercise is not really your thing why not try dancing, going for a walk in nature or yoga.

Healthy Fats

Being a bit more conscious about the food you eat is another easy way to consciously enhance your mental stamina and endurance naturally. Our brain thrives off healthy fats and incorporating foods such as avocado, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil and fish will give your brain the extra healthy fats it needs. Taking supplements such as cod liver oil or omega tablets are also great ways to get those extra good fats into your diet.

ASWAGANDHA is a powerful natural herb that helps to improve cognition, mental stamina and endurance. If you are needing that extra mental boost, this is the perfect supplement for you.

Avalife CALM will help you achieve a mental and physical state of calm, making it much easier for you to focus, remember important things and perform at optimum mental capacity.

Remember that everything starts in the mind. Investing in your mental wellbeing and developing mental toughness is absolutely vital in achieving physical and emotional wellness.


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