Natural remedies for joint ache and stiffness

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For many people who suffer from body aches, stiffness and pain, in winter when everything gets much colder, these aches and pains can naturally become intensified and even unbearable. We want to help you feel a whole lot better and so have put together some of our top tips on how you can naturally ease your joint aches and pains.

Get moving

While being active may be the last thing that you feel like doing when your joint pain flares up, including movement in your day-to-day regime “not only helps maintain joint function, it also relieves stiffness and reduces pain and fatigue”, says Harvard Health Publishing. Exercise certainly counts as a natural remedy since it is probably the easiest thing you could do and you can do it for free!

When you feel your pain start flaring up, get up (if you can) and do some light stretches. It is also helpful to try and do a gentle, slow-paced walk. This will help get the blood pumping and might even improve your  mood due to the feel-good endorphins that exercise brings!

Natural remedies

Drink up those healing spices

It’s no secret that healing spices like turmeric, pepper and cinnamon are great for easing pain and inflammation. Before bed, make yourself a mug of haldi doodh or turmeric milk to help ease pain and enable you to relax before bed. The benefits of turmeric milk are well-known and the ingredients used offer natural relief when in pain.

Medical News Today notes that turmeric contains curcumin which works at “reducing pro-inflammatory cells and increasing cells that help to regulate inflammation”. Similarly, they note that “cinnamon may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress levels, which can positively impact joint pain” and ginger “contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is a traditional remedy for easing pain and stiffness in people with osteoarthritis”. Naturally, when combined, they not only make for a delicious drink but can help with your joint pain.

Natural remedies

Keen to try it at home? Here’s our recipe:

Bring 1 cup of milk to a simmer along with ¼ tsp turmeric (fresh or powdered), 2-3 slices fresh ginger, and ¼ tsp cinnamon. Once heated, add in a pinch of black pepper and enjoy. If you want to make the taste more satisfying, add in some ground nutmeg, cardamom and a spoon of honey before drinking. You can enjoy this drink at any time of the day but the benefits are better felt before bed.

Acupuncture and cupping

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments and even massage can make a world of difference to sufferers of joint pain, stiffness and inflammation. Acupuncture may help improve physical function in the short and long term and can help reduce pain in people with arthritis, says Medical News Today. This is mainly due to the fact that these treatments use the body’s meridian channels to help target pain.

Cupping is also another incredible form of healing as it works to draw blood to the surface which reduces pain and inflammation, leaving one feeling relief and often even improved joint mobility immediately after treatment.

Natural remedies

Watch your diet

Following a diet rich in healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains could also be super helpful for those suffering from pain and inflammation. Eating a high amount of sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats can affect the body in a negative way as it can cause inflammation and contribute to weight gain which affects the joints in the long run.

To help reduce joint pain and inflammation long term and to maintain and improve your overall health; adopting sustainable healthy eating habits is an important contributing factor you have control over.

Limit or reduce your intake of foods that are known or suspected to cause or increase inflammation – red meat, processed food, refined sugar and fried foods are some of the most likely culprits. See instead how many anti-inflammatory and superfoods are accessible to you, and incorporate them as often as possible.

Take supportive supplements

Supplementing is an important facet of healthy living, and taking natural supplements specifically formulated for joint pain can make a significant difference to your experience and suffering. Avalife™ JOINT FLEX is an advanced blend of three trusted Ayurvedic herbs – Turmeric, Andrographis and Guggul. Turmacin® is a unique, water-soluble turmeric extract used in the Avalife™  JOINT FLEX formulation and is formulated to be highly bio-available, and thus readily absorbed to provide much-needed relief.

We also know that joint pain can often leave you with restless nights, which is why the Avalife™ SLEEP is a great option to include in your nightly regime. This powerhouse supplement is a natural alternative to help you sleep peacefully and undisturbed. It contains a rich blend of Ocibest®, a specially formulated Holy Basil, and other sedating and soothing herbs to help your mind and body feel calm and ready for rest, plus, it is all-natural and non-habit forming.


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