Preparing for Winter Wellness

by | May 16, 2023 | Immune Health, Wellness | 0 comments

Each season has its own magic and winter is no different. Winters are all about warm cocoa, snuggling in bed, family time, and being thankful for our warm homes.

As the days gradually become shorter and the weather cools, it is time to get our bodies and minds ready too.

Start giving your immune system a boost by taking supplements such as a daily dose of AVALIFE™ IMMUNE SUPPORT & VITA-C.(1)

Eat well-balanced and healthy foods loaded with essential nutrients. Look out for delicious soup and casserole recipes that are packed with goodness.

Establishing a regular sleep schedule, reducing caffeine intake, and creating a comfortable sleeping environment can all contribute to getting a good night’s rest, which does wonders for our overall well-being and helps to strengthen our immune system. (2)

During winter it is easy to be a little inactive. Adapt your exercise regime accordingly and maybe have an afternoon walk or run rather than early in the morning. Exercise is good for you all year round.

During winter the air is fresh and crisp. Take a deep breath and feel the benefits of filling your lungs and body with cool fresh air.

Remember to stay hydrated. In heated rooms we tend to dehydrate quickly, and water helps to hydrate and flushes out unnecessary toxins.

If you are not feeling well, stay at home. Don’t spread your germs. Cough into a tissue, or wear a facemask and constantly wash and sanitise your hands.(3)

Layer your clothing, and as the day warms up you can peel off a layer or two and pop them back on as the cool evening approaches.

Something to do while you plan for winter is to donate clothes you no longer wear to a charity. Helping people is good for your soul while keeping a less fortunate person warm.

Here’s to having a healthy winter filled with fun!