The benefits of combination therapy

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So, what is combination therapy?

Generally understood as using more than one kind of medication to treat a sickness or disease, combination therapy has fast become the chosen therapy type for people with both mild and moderately intensive diseases and health issues. This form of therapy is being used in both chemical and herbals treatments and often, even together for maximized results.

While we might be familiar with combination therapy and its uses for treatments for cancer and diabetes (amongst other illnesses), this kind of treatments is not only useful for chemical treatments but works particularly well for herbal medicine. When using plants as medicine and for their unique healing capabilities, a phenomenon that chemical medicine practitioners are only now starting to dabble in, many find that they are able to heal their ailments without any significant side effects. Naturally, it can be understood that this kind of treatment (combination therapy using herbs) has been taking place for hundreds of years by natural herbalists, natural medicine doctors and many of our ancestors who believed in the power of herbs and plants to heal.

“Mother Earth’s medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth” – Robin Rose Bennet

By combining different plants together to fight one common ailment, a double dose of adaptogenic properties come together to make a stronger, more powerful final medicine.

At Avalife, we use combination therapy for many of our products which in turn, help fight diseases faster and more effectively compared to using the various herbs alone. By combining plants and herbs to make one, the benefits of each are amplified since these natural ingredients work in complete and utter harmony with each other to help target the root cause of the disease. By combining various products to attain a specific goal, we believe that you will easily be able to find a perfect, balanced treatment unique to you and your body’s specific needs. With the help of leading Ayurvedic doctors, Avalife has put together clever combinations to help get the maximum benefit from our supplements.

Our top 4 examples of combination therapy are geared towards enhanced immune support, stress relief and energy and these are the Immune Support and Vitamin C, Calm & Ashwagandha, Immune Support and Energy Boost and finally, Stress Free and Immune Support. 

Our Immune Support and Vitamin C is a comprehensive daily immunity protection kit. Suitable for everyone, for everyday use, this combination works particularly well during winter, when cold and flu season is on the rise or before embarking on travel to a new place.  It also helps to effectively protect the immune system during a stressful time.

Ashwagandha and Calm is one of our most popular combination therapies for anxiety management. Calm relaxes the emotional and physical body while Ashwagandha works as an adaptogen to reduce stress levels. When taken together, they increase strength and stamina, heal mental fatigue and increase endurance.

Immune Support and Energy Boost work to increase the defence system and improve energy levels. It is an excellent duo for those who push their bodies and need to be at their optimum physical level, like athletes.

Our Immune Support and Stress Free combination is specifically made for people who are suffering from a stressful period or are feeling run down. It assists with adrenal fatigue and helps with mental alertness, protecting the body against vulnerability. It is perfectly designed to protect your body’s natural defence system while balancing stress and anxiety levels within the body.

We recommend combining your herbs and supplements on a daily basis to help support your bodily functions and immune system. This enables your body to derive the natural essence from plants and herbs to heal and replenish instead of relying on chemical medication that often only treats the symptoms rather than the underlying imbalances. This mode is thinking was elegantly put by Hippocrates who said:

“Nature itself is the best physician” – Hippocrates

This quite evidently shows that even hundreds of years ago, people looked to nature and natural cures to recover from disease, enhance natural energy and support the immune system.

While it sounds like an easy enough process to do at home, we urge you to speak to a registered health care professional if you plan on mixing herbs for a specific outcome. It is also highly important to remember that combining chemical and herbal medicine needs to only be done under the supervision of a health care professional since some herbs can negatively affect how chemical medication reacts to the body.

At Avalife, we are firm believers and advocates for combination therapy with regard to herbal supplements. By combining your supplements (under guidance), you can harness the power of the herbs to provide much needed support to you and your families body and mind. Try our selection of combination therapy products to keep your body happy and healthy every day.

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