What is Ayurveda?

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Originating in India more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda, or “The Science of Life” is known as one of the oldest healing sciences in the world. Often called “The Mother of all Healing”, Ayurveda has fast become one of the most popular natural healing modalities in the modern world.

One of the greatest focal points in the teachings of Ayurveda is on the prevention of disease, enabling people to live healthy and fulfilled lives which extend to all factors in life such as health, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the most important aspects of the teachings of Ayurveda is its respect to and connection with nature. Many times, after a diagnosis based on your dosha’s, an Ayurvedic doctor will suggest spending more time in nature to help calm the body and mind and strengthen your own connection to the natural world which many people in the modern world are not doing enough of.

Ayurveda works to enable the body to find a balance that is based on one’s own constitution, needs and metal state. One of the main focus and key points of Ayurveda is the way of understanding the principle of Ayurveda that most commonly fits with an individual body. These are known as dosha’s and are broken down into 3 categories of Vatta, Kapha and Pitta.

By looking at your dominant dosha, Ayurveda offers valuable insight and lessons into what would be best for your lifestyle and with regard to food and exercise. Once you have figured out your dosha (an Ayurvedic doctor or a few online tests can help you determine this), you can make every decision around your body and health with your dominant dosha in mind.

A little bit about the dosha’s

In the Ayurveda practice, the dosha’s can almost be seen as the central point. Dosha’s are classified as the unique energy patterns that flow in the body, affecting behaviours, thinking, attitudes and even how often we may feel ill. The three dosha’s are vata, pitta and kapha and it is believed that every one of us are born and have a mixture of all three of them. While we might have a combination of the dosha’s in our body, each person has a dominant dosha whose presence in our everyday life is stronger than the other two.

Often, an Ayurvedic doctor will make a decision on the dosha of his patient based on a few questions, checking one’s pulse and learning more about one’s lifestyle. He would then prescribe a health and wellness plan based on the dosha to ensure that the spirit, mind and body are in perfect balance with the needs of one’s dosha. It is when our dominant dosha is out of equilibrium that we fall ill and get susceptible to viruses. However, your lifestyle plan for your dosha is not as simple as just body and mind, each one goes even deeper and looks at health, diet, digestion and even your sleep to help build up the perfect blueprint for your body to function at its best.


Made up of air and ether (space), vatta types are described as being spacious, flowing, cold, dry and light. Autumn is the season described as vatta due to its chilly qualities and crisp days.

Individuals with vatta as their dominant dosha are described as energetic, kind-hearted, flexible and slim. They are creative and can think outside of the box but get dreamy and can become distracted easily. The vatta’s weakness, however, is that they can often be forgetful, are sensitive to cold, can become anxious quickly and are prone to digestive problems like bloating and IBS.

Vatta’s thrive when they eat and drink warming foods, keep warm and do activities that help them to calm down.



Made up of earth and water, kapha types are strong, steady and cold. Spring is known as kapha season due to it reflecting the end of hibernation and opening to a new season. Those who have kapha as their dominant dosha are often thick boned, prone to weight gain and have breathing issues. They also feel sluggish very often and have a slow metabolism. While kapha’s are also prone to over-sleeping and might be susceptible to depression, they commonly have a very strong immune system and have healthy and strong joints and bones.

Kapha’s are commonly thought of to be the support structure for their loved one’s as they rarely get upset and are often kind and caring. Kapha’s thrive when they have regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet with the inclusion of warming food. They also need a regular and good sleep routine.



Based on fire and water, those with the pitta as their dominant dosha are known to have a powerful and strong personality. They are described as hot, oily, liquid, mobile and sharp. As expected, summer is the season described as pitta due to its sunny days and warm nights. Individuals with this dosha commonly have a strong, athletic and muscular body structure, healthy skin (that can be prone to inflammation) and great circulation.

Serving well as leaders, they are goal-oriented, highly motivated, and very competitive. While they are quite confident, their aggressive nature can cause conflict with others. Pitta’s thrive when they have a clear work-life balance and avoid strong and spicy foods.

So, why should you incorporate Ayurvedic teachings in your life?

“Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.”  Sebastian Pole

If you are still not sure if the practise of Ayurveda is for you, then it might be wise to remember that Ayurveda has many incredible, tried and tested benefits for your health. Because Ayurvedic teachings are based in nature and focuses on a more holistic way of life, Ayurveda will assist to bring balance to all aspects of your life, helping you to navigate your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through any life and seasonal changes, helping to ensure that your body is always in the optimum balance possible.

The integration of these practises can significantly help to cure and ease chronic conditions through the use of natural herbs and remedies, meditation, yoga, aligning with nature and the natural rhythms of your body.

We believe in the ancient science of Ayurveda whole heartedly and thus have brought together the absolute best of both the ancient and modern world by combining Ayurvedic principles with modern science to bring forward tried and tested natural supplements that don’t just ease symptoms but actually fix the imbalance that is the cause itself. Our products have been developed by leading Ayurvedic specialists who have handpicked each ingredient to ensure that the best combination of ingredients have been used for optimum results.

Whether you are suffering from stress, immune deficiency or lack of energy – we have a full range of natural products to support you in aligning with a healthier, happier version of yourself.


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